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In France, 635,800 people work in the commerce sector, spread over 11,250 sales outlets.

C’est pourquoi le CFA Européen Louis Prioux situé dans le Grand-Est, vous offre la possibilité de se former aux différents métiers du Commerce.

Commerce is a rapidly expanding sector that is tending to change as a result of digitalisation and the emergence of e-commerce. But it is still a profession with a bright future

The salesperson's job is to advise customers and to do everything possible to make the shop profitable. It is therefore important to listen to customers and to guide them in their search. The salesperson is expected to have a thorough knowledge of the products he or she offers to customers.

The salesperson will need to show empathy, honesty, organization, perseverance and patience.

The seller has the opportunity to develop professionally and develop his personal abilities. He can take advantage of his position to strengthen his communication skills. Customer relations are very important in this sector.

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